5 Ways The Installation of Window Film Can Benefit You

//5 Ways The Installation of Window Film Can Benefit You

5 Ways The Installation of Window Film Can Benefit You

If you are looking for a method of improving in-office conditions which can also positive impact energy costs, the installation of certain types of window film could offer a highly effective solution.

Why Purchase Window Film for Your Building?

Rising popularity has played a key role in the installation of window films to 1000s of properties in the UK and when you look into some of the benefits offered by different types of window film ittempscreen-clear is not difficult to understand why.

Some of the benefits include:

  • The potential to make significant savings on property heating and cooling costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved glass safety
  • UV light protection
  • Enhanced building aesthetics
  • Increased security

Please Note – Certain window films offer different types of protection, please contact us for more information.

Window films available from manufacturers including 3M and Solar Gard use modern technology to create practical, attractive window film allowing you to select from a range of designs for use with new and existing windows along with glass doors and partitions etc.

What Are The Main Benefits?

Depending on the type of window film that you choose, you may receive one or a number of the following benefits:

No. 1 – Energy Saving Capabilities – Energy efficient solar window film doesn’t just deliver energy savings by reducing cooling costs in summer, but by insulating your windows and reflecting heat back into the building it reduces winter heating costs too.

By reflecting away unwanted solar energy, solar window film helps to achieve a more comfortable and constant temperature within the building resulting in a reduced reliance on air conditioning units and cooling systems during the summer.

No. 2 – More Comfortable Atmosphere – The installation of certain types of window film will help to reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass therefore helping to create a more comfortable living/working environment.

No. 3 – Reduced Glare – Do you struggle to see televisions or computer screens due to the glare from the sun? Certain types of window film can be used to significantly reduce glare to help improve visibility.

No. 4 – Improved Safety – Specialist ‘safety window film’ can be used to help make glass more shatter-resistant by holding broken splinters and shards together after breakage. This can also help to increase the scratch resistance of glazing.

No. 5 – Reduced Risk of Fading – Some of our available window films can help to reduce the fading of interior window films by as much as 99% (although the exact degree of fade reduction depends on the particular film which has been installed).

For more information relating to our available range of window film, please click here.

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