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7 09, 2016

Top Tips To Help Keep Cool in a Heat Wave

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We know that we are close to leaving the summer behind but part of the beauty of the British weather is that we never know what is around the corner. Should the weather take another turn for the better and leave us scrambling for the suncream, the following article published by our friends at My Glazing could prove to be very handy! 1. Keep curtains and blinds closed The simplest way to avoid the heat of the sun is to block it out. Close any curtains and blinds on the sun-exposed side of your home – and remember that this side may change throughout the day. 2. Avoid generating heat & humidity When the mercury rises, it may be advisable to shelve those plans for an oven roast and opt for a cold salad instead. Similarly, cover pans on the stovetop and take shorter showers to avoid increasing your home’s humidity through the generation of steam. 3. Set trickle ventilators to the open position With the sun’s heat dissipating at the end of the day, it’s natural to want to let the cooler night air into your home and even to leave windows open overnight. In this case it is important to make sure security latches are set, or if you have trickle ventilators to simply verify these are in the open position – allowing cool air to flow in while maintaining the security of a closed window. 4. Use high efficiency lighting The light bulbs in your home give off heat as well as light. Fluorescent and LED light bulbs generate significantly less heat than incandescent bulbs, so switching to these can make a real difference. 5. Open windows to create airflow Opening windows [...]

18 08, 2016

Window Film: The Perfect Alternative To Blinds

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If you're going to be updating your window treatments soon, then you are probably trying to decide whether to get blinds or curtains. What you may not realize is that window film is a popular alternative to blinds, shutters and curtains. Here is an overview of window film as a replacement for common shutters: What is window film? Window film is made of Polyethylene Teraphthalate, or PET, the same material plastic water bottles are made of. Window film is used to cover windows as an alternative to other window coverings. It comes in numerous styles and colours, and it can really enhance a room. Types of window film available There are many types of window film styles available, and you should have the ability to find any style you desire. Here is a list of just some of the types of window film available: Solar window film - This type of window film reflects energy from the sun and is very simple to install and remove. Since solar window film reflects energy from the sun, you can enjoy increased comfort inside your home. This is because this choice of window film prevents the rays of the sun from entering your home, decreasing the amount of heat that will accumulate in a room. Mirror window tint film - This type of window film can provide you with the ability to see clearly outside, while simultaneously providing you with privacy. Mirror window tint film works like a one-way mirror, which many homeowners appreciate. Safety window film - If your main goal is to provide security to your windows and minimize the likelihood of them shattering, then you might want to invest in safety window film. Even though [...]

26 07, 2016

5 Ways Solar Control Window Film Can Improve Your Home

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Everybody wants to have a comfortable home; somewhere they can relax, be peaceful. A home is an investment as well and whatever improvements are made increase both the aesthetic and market value of it. Nowadays, it is common knowledge that we have dramatic climatic changes and we are running out of the earth’s natural resources. Mostly, it is due to our own actions. Therefore, there are so many organisations that are taking measures to save the environment. As a personal effort, we can build homes that are not only beneficial to us but for the environment and resources of our earth. Using solar control films in our home windows is a step towards being environment-friendly. Five Ways Solar Control Film Windows Improve a Home It is true that using solar control films are environmental friendly but here is how they are good for your home as well. No. 1 - Energy Efficient Solar control film windows help you save money on utility bills. You can reduce being dependent on air conditioning and heaters by using solar control films in the windows. These windows keep the heat outside during hot weathers. No. 2 - Reduce Load on Cooling Appliances Use of air conditioners is common in extremely hot weather but you can reduce the load on the air conditioners by using solar control films in windows. They help keep the heat outside up to 99% which is a significant statistic. No. 3 - Aesthetic Solar control film windows are not just a tool to block heat but they have a nice appearance so the look of your house is not destroyed. Using the films on every window will make the look of the house uniform from every angle [...]

28 04, 2016

A Gallery of Installations

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With so many different variations of Window Film now available, the most difficult aspect of any installation can be deciding upon the most suitable variation for your individual needs. However, as the images below illustrate, when guided by the professionals over at WF Glazing Protection to ensure the right film is chosen, some truly stunning and highly effective solutions can be provided. Please Note - The images below offer just a small example of the window film currently available with many other designs and colours available. Currently Browsing: A Gallery of Installations  

26 01, 2016

Window Film Snippets – Myth or Reality?

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The popularity of window film is increasing all of the time. With such a huge variety of film currently available, many offering their own unique benefits and properties, we strongly believe that it is only a matter of time before almost every property in the UK is benefiting from the positive impact offered by the installation of window film. However, with a little bit of misinformation still out in the public domain, we feel that it is important to clarify some of the facts and figures relating to window film. Snippet No. 1 - Window Film cannot stop the fading of interior furnishings Whilst it is true that window film cannot block 100% of the harmful UV rays which shine through your windows, the facts are that window film can block up to 99% of UV rays and up to 82% of solar heat (depending on the type of window film installed). Therefore window film offers a highly effective solution for anyone looking to reduce the risk of fading to their furnishings. Snippet No. 2 – The application of Window Film will reduce visibility from inside the property Although specific window film, such as privacy window film, is designed to ensure that people cannot see into a property from outside, a significant proportion of window film is barely visible from the outside and will not affect the view from inside at all. Snippet No. 3 – Security Window Film is no real deterrent Security window film is specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury and damage by holding glass together after it breaks. It also significantly reduces the chances of criminals being able to gain access to your property through any window to which [...]

22 06, 2015

Top green accreditation for window film firm

By |2018-03-07T10:42:08+00:00June 22nd, 2015|Accreditations, Latest News|Comments Off on Top green accreditation for window film firm

A leading window film company has been presented with a top award for committing to reduce their environmental impact. WF Glazing Protection Ltd was awarded the highest level of accreditation – the Green Award 2015 – under the nationwide Investors in the Environment scheme. The accreditation also recognises the continued efforts the East-Midlands based firm is making to improve their environmental performance overall. Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a not-for-profit, nationwide scheme that helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment. They have three levels of accreditation: bronze, silver, and green. Green Awards are only awarded to those companies who have shown a real commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint. The award also assures their customers that they are dealing with a company whose green credentials and practices have been thoroughly audited and validated. Serving all sectors WF Glazing Protection Ltd supply and fit high performance window films and graphics to a wide range of customers across all sectors in the UK, including retail, commercial, healthcare, local authorities, and residential properties. The company specialises in fitting bespoke solar reflecting window film that rejects excessive heat and glare from the sun to create more comfortable interior spaces. The insulating film also helps to save energy, and protects exterior windows from impact, break-ins, and vandalism. Having already worked with an impressive list of customers, including John Lewis Partnership, Experian, Leicester City NHS, Watford FC, Rutland County Council, and more, the Nottingham-based company is especially pleased to have received the award, which they feel will help to show prospective customers that they take their environmental responsibilities seriously. Green badge of honour A company spokesperson said: “We’re thrilled to receive the award because it shows customers that [...]

22 04, 2015

Are You Concerned About Home Privacy?

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Whether to protect valuable assets within your property or maybe just to guard your personal modesty, glass tinting offers the modern day cost effective solution against prying eyes. With stories hitting the press on a seemingly daily basis regarding home burglaries and stolen goods, it is little wonder that people are now looking for effective methods of protection for their flat screen TVs, computers and expensive possessions against the threat of theft. With our wide range of Privacy and Decorative Films, we can supply you with a bespoke privacy solution for peace of mind or for your personal modesty. Pros & Cons Whilst windows are certainly a valuable source of light, they are often the weak point of a property which can lead to hot spots, damage to furnishings and a relatively easy entry point for burglars. Large windows can also make privacy quite difficult as well, however, help is now at hand in the form of the range of privacy and safety window films which are available from the team at WF Glazing Protection. With a full range of specialist privacy window film available directly from us, we offer the ideal method of increasing the privacy levels of your property at a price which will not break the bank. Best of all, our available range can all be self-installed ensuring that costs can be kept even lower! Offering benefits including: 24 hour privacy of valuable assets, Increased personal modesty Hiding unattractive parts of a building + much more The installation of privacy window film can help to transform your property into something altogether more secure. For more on the current available range, please click on the following link - How to Install Window [...]

26 03, 2015

Benefits of Choosing an Officially Accredited Company

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Nowadays, many customers are quite rightly exercising their intellectual curiosity before hiring any company. People are now far more likely to research the experience, reputation, qualification and even legitimacy of a company before making a final decision whether to use their services or not. This change in customer philosophy has been profoundly influenced by consumer’s need to get value for their money and avoid unscrupulous companies that offer less than mediocre services. If you are living in the UK and you are looking for a competent company to upgrade or renovate your home, this article will give you some of the benefits of choosing a company that has been accredited by Glass and Glazing Federation. Below are some of these benefits; Choosing a Qualified Company Being an industry authority, Glass and Glazing only approves companies that are highly qualified. Consequently, when you hire a company that has been accredited by Glass and Glazing Federation, you are guaranteed that the company is qualified and will offer you top-notch services. Hiring a qualified company also comes with benefits such as the personnel giving you professional advice on how best to renovate or upgrade your house. A Record of Competence When you hire a company that has been approved by GGF, you will, actually, be investing in quality workmanship and services of the highest order. Glass and Glazing Federation only approve cream of the cream companies. Companies that are dedicated to offering top-notch services that will leave the customer satisfied and more than willing to work with the company in the future. Before Glass and Glazing Federation accredit a company, it must strictly meet a number of qualifying requirements that speak volumes about the company’s level of competence. Invaluable [...]

17 02, 2015

How Window Film Can Help Your Business

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Window film works just like sunglasses for buildings. The right window film can keep harmful UV rays out and provide a number of other benefits. A Long Term Investment Having a window film applied to your building is a significant investment but it will pay off on the long run. First of all, the right window film will keep UV rays out and provide employees and clients with a safer environment. Exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer and other skin conditions. The risk for skin conditions can be increased by the magnifying effect of some windows. You should have an expert inspect your building and assess the average exposure to UV rays for employees and clients who spend time in your building. Protecting employees against skin diseases makes window films an excellent investment. Effective Temperature Control A window film will also make the temperature of your building easier to control. If you notice that the temperature inside of your building is too high in the summer, applying a window film will contribute to cooling off the facility. This should help you reduce your use of the AC unit, resulting in lower bills and in a smaller environmental footprint for your business. Besides, your employees will feel a lot more comfortable in your building if the temperature is regulated in a more natural manner. Working in a building where the AC unit is on all the time actually increases one's risks of catching a number of illnesses due to the difficulty of keeping AC systems clean. A lot of business owners do not realize that the temperature of their building can affect the functioning of electronics. Your computers and your server will [...]

20 11, 2014

Keeping Those Winter Heating Bills Down

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If keeping your home or property warm is making your heating bills look scary, the time to identify new heating methods is now. It’s only going to get colder and finding new ways to keep the costs down and the heat up is more important than ever. Fortunately, we are in the ideal position to help. So impressive has the advance in window film technology been in recent history, it is now widely viewed as one of the primary methods of increasing the energy efficiency of your property, resulting in both savings to your budget and reductions in carbon footprint. Energy Efficient Film Energy efficient solar window film doesn't just deliver energy savings by reducing cooling costs in summer, but by insulating your windows and reflecting heat back into the building it reduces winter heating costs too. By reflecting away unwanted solar energy, solar window film helps to achieve a more comfortable and constant temperature within the building resulting in a reduced reliance on air conditioning units and cooling systems during the summer. Older glazing is less efficient and allows heat to escape in winter months Environmentally Beneficial With businesses throughout the UK seeking effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint, the application of energy saving film offers one of the most environmentally friendly methods of positively impacting a company's energy performance. In addition to the longer term benefits and warranties, window film avoids the associated waste and disposal costs of replacement glazing. Direct Application Applied directly to existing glazing, forming a highly effective barrier to solar energy, the range of films available from WF Glazing Protection encompass a variety of specifications that can assist with energy efficiency, with the most effective films rejecting up [...]