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27 06, 2016

Sunglasses For Buildings! Whatever Next??

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Did you know that window film works just like sunglasses for buildings? The installation of the most appropriate window film for your property can help to keep harmful UV rays at bay along with offering a variety of other benefits. An Investment Rather Than Expense Despite the wide ranging benefits offered by window film, many people are put off by the fact that they view the installation as a significant expense. However the truth is that the installation of window film can actually prove to be an investment rather than expense. Some of the costs which can be saved, include: Reducing carbon emissions — A reduced carbon footprint can help to enhance the reputation of an organisation Reduced need for air conditioning — Using less air-con can keep fuel bills down to a minimum, as well as reducing the need for maintenance and repairs. Increased on-site productivity — If your staff feel more comfortable in their working environment, they are likely to be more productive. Less damage to stock and furnishings — The reduction of UV light being allowed through your windows can limit damage to stock and furnishings. Improved safety & security — meeting safety legislation requirements, enhancing security and improving business continuity. Improved Temperature Control The installation of window film can also help to improve the temperature control capabilities of your building. If you notice that the temperature inside of your building is too high in the summer, applying window film can positively impact your ability to effective control the temperature. This should help you reduce your use of the air conditioning unit, resulting in lower bills whilst also improving the environmental footprint for your business. Creating a Safer Workplace There are different materials used to make window [...]

23 12, 2015

A Closer Look at How Window Film Can Help To Improve Energy Efficiency

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Going green isn't just popular because of the new emphasis on environmentalism and clean energy to fight climate change, but there's also the money savings that these actions often help create. While home improvements such as solar panels and spray foam insulation have received a lot of attention, other great options like special reflective window film haven't received the attention they deserve. While many of the other home improvements require a huge investment or creating clean energy with an addition, quality reflective window film can be a huge help to keep a house or commercial building a little more cool, saving on air conditioning bills during sweltering summer months. A good film can make a radical difference in the overall monthly electric bills and there is a lot to like about this simple yet powerful home improvement. Looking at the Benefits of Window Film There are several things to like about the benefits that a good window film has to offer. One of the major things that a home owner will notice right off the bat is that this is a home improvement that doesn't take a large amount of money or the hiring of a professional to get it done. Major benefits of installing window film include: Improved energy efficiency to save on monthly utility bills Reduced glare off the windows Slightly more indoor privacy during the day, even without curtains Blocks a lot of heat caused by direct sunlight Reduces the need for air conditioning Window film is easy to buy and easy to install A Long Term Investment These benefits make it obvious why window film is seen as such a quality investment in home improvement, especially in climates that have very [...]

27 10, 2015

Various Benefits Of Installing Window Films In Your Home or Office

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Are you looking forward to add some privacy to the home or office? Window films are available in varied designs and styles to choose from. Installing window films is becoming very popular among interior designers. Window films come with a wide range of benefits. Besides enhancing privacy and home security, window films also contribute to enormous energy savings especially during winter. These are fast becoming a popular product for homes and offices for their cheap price and easy installation. With global warming having a big impact on living spaces, it has become important to ensure heat trapping and energy-saving. Window films are able to trap heat indoors thus keeping people warm throughout winter season. They save electricity and heat energies in large proportions. In the times when energy costs are reaching high levels people find it necessary to save costs. Window films also save environment to large extent. Dependency on window films has increased because of their ability to curtail the need for air-conditioners and room heaters that are commonly used during winter. Retaining Heat During winters these films work well in retaining up to 55% of a home's overall heat count. Heat-efficient qualities of these films add great comfort to homes. Electricity bills are reduced besides preventing damage of furniture items. Household furniture and other items are checked from fading due to the harmful rays of the sun. Insulating films are easy to install as the existing windows can be retrofitted with these products. These window films may be bought in different sizes and then cut into accurate sizes or shapes of the windows. You must know that there is no requirement for any toxic glue as it will stick to the glass by itself. [...]

17 09, 2015

5 Ways Window Film Can Benefit Your Business

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Window film is not a newcomer to retailers' shelves but has been receiving plenty of attention of late. In the past, it was difficult to adhere properly to the window, leaving behind unattractive and visible creases that interfered with visibility. Windows are openings to the world, enabling onlookers to enjoy beautiful views if they are sparkling clean and clear. Today's window film is easier to apply, and with all the technological advances in the industry, offers many benefits to residences and businesses, as below. 1. Providing UV Ray Protection and Temperature Consistency High-quality window films can immensely improve the space in which they are installed. With films in place, fading of furnishings is no longer an issue, nor are any hot spots. These added layers protect the indoors. Depending upon the quality of film, some may almost completely block out harmful UV rays to protect floor coverings and furnishings from excessive fading.  Temperature consistency from room to room is another benefit that increases comfort in the overall space, thanks to the film's ability to control and filter sunlight penetration. Simultaneously, it provides impressive energy savings during the hot summer months, as cooling systems will work less. For more on our solar control range of window films, please click here. 2. Glare Reduction Window films allow employees to work more quickly. They provide glare reduction to avoid annoying problems with computer screen viewing. For more on our glare reduction range of window films, please click here. 3. Enhanced Privacy Businesses can also benefit from increased privacy when installing window films, but never having to sacrifice natural light from entering the space. Employees can enjoy greater comfort, without having to close their blinds, so they can still [...]

6 07, 2015

5 Ways The Installation of Window Film Can Benefit You

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If you are looking for a method of improving in-office conditions which can also positive impact energy costs, the installation of certain types of window film could offer a highly effective solution. Why Purchase Window Film for Your Building? Rising popularity has played a key role in the installation of window films to 1000s of properties in the UK and when you look into some of the benefits offered by different types of window film it is not difficult to understand why. Some of the benefits include: The potential to make significant savings on property heating and cooling costs Reduced energy consumption Reduced carbon footprint Improved glass safety UV light protection Enhanced building aesthetics Increased security Please Note – Certain window films offer different types of protection, please contact us for more information. Window films available from manufacturers including 3M and Solar Gard use modern technology to create practical, attractive window film allowing you to select from a range of designs for use with new and existing windows along with glass doors and partitions etc. What Are The Main Benefits? Depending on the type of window film that you choose, you may receive one or a number of the following benefits: No. 1 - Energy Saving Capabilities - Energy efficient solar window film doesn't just deliver energy savings by reducing cooling costs in summer, but by insulating your windows and reflecting heat back into the building it reduces winter heating costs too. By reflecting away unwanted solar energy, solar window film helps to achieve a more comfortable and constant temperature within the building resulting in a reduced reliance on air conditioning units and cooling systems during the summer. No. 2 - More Comfortable Atmosphere – [...]