How Easy Is It To Install Window Film?

//How Easy Is It To Install Window Film?

How Easy Is It To Install Window Film?

As well as the renowned WF Glazing Protection window film installation service, we are delighted to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase from an extensive range of high quality window films on a supply only basis.

The good news is that if you opt to install your window film yourself, we have attached a guide to our website detailing which steps must be taken in order to achieve the ideal application.How Easy Is It To Install Window Film?

It is important to note that the application process may differ slightly, depending on the individual window film that you have purchased.

Regardless of the type of window film you are attempting to install, the process should be relatively straightforward and by following our helpful guide, you should be able to achieve a successful resolution quickly.

Important Tips

To help you along the way, we have drawn up a list of some of the most important pieces of information for you to note.

  • Handle with Care: Window film is a very thin sheet of material that requires handling with great care. Creases and folding must be avoided and applications need to be carried out in a draught and dust free situation.
  • Preparation and Pre-Cleaning: These are vitally important and care must be taken to flush any dirt particles out of the window frame. Some airborne dust may get under the film, but this is difficult to avoid completely and its presence will not affect the performance of the installation.
  • Drying: During drying out some haziness will be evident and this will disappear and dry out over a 2-4 week period.
  • Cleaning: As for normal window after 4 weeks and always with a soft chamois leather or cloth and clean water.
  • Patterned Glass: In the case of patterned glass apply the film only to the smooth surface.
  • Internal Glass: When installing window film to internal glass, the product can be applied to either side.

To view our fully window film application guide, please click on the following link –

Please Note

Applications are NOT RECOMMENDED in the following situations:

  • When temperatures are below 8°C or when outside temperatures are below zero
  • To rough or cast glass surfaces
  • To any surface that curves in two directions
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