The Number One Time Saving Tip To Help Reduce Glare

//The Number One Time Saving Tip To Help Reduce Glare

The Number One Time Saving Tip To Help Reduce Glare

The sun’s glare can be a real issue. For businesses, glare can negatively impact productivity due to unpleasant working conditions. For people at home, some rooms can be left virtually uninhabitable by the low lying sun.

A Year Round Problem

Although the low lying winter sun can be a particular problem, the glare from the sun can be an issue throughout all time of the year.

With unfiltered sunlight streaming through your windows, visibility and comfort related issues are common place in the home and the workplace. Whilst curtains and blinds can offer a solution, they offer 2 significant drawbacks – firstly blocking out the light completely and secondly requiring time consuming maintenance to keep them clean.

However, thankfully a long lasting solution exists which can be quickly installed at prices which are affordable.

The Perfect Solution

The installation of specialist ‘anti-glare’ window film will significantly reduce the negative impact of glare whilst still allowing clear vision The Number One Time Saving Tip To Help Reduce Glarefrom your window and natural light back through it.

Offering qualities including easy installation and maintenance, anti-glare window film is the cost effective modern day solution for combating glare.

How Can We Help?

WFGP stock a range of window film designed to offer fast relief from the sun’s glare.

Silver20 High Performance Reflective provides excellent heat and glare rejection to create a more comfortable environment in which to work or relax. The solar reduction can also lower air conditioning consumption to save energy. By reducing the reflection on monitor screens, TVs and Tablets eye-strain can be eased.

Additional benefits include:

  • The reflection of UV rays
  • Reduction of the risk of fading to fabrics and furnishings
  • Creation of a one way glass effect in daylight hours to provide privacy of valuable assets, personal modesty or hide unattractive parts of a building.

To find out more about this window film, please click here.

For an example of the difference that can be made by the installation of window film, please take a moment to view the following short video:

Contact Us

Would you like any further information regarding our range of anti-glare window film? Please take a moment to view our dedicated page highlighting our WFGP Medium Silver35 Reflective range of window film by clicking here.

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