WFGP Safety4000

//WFGP Safety4000

WFGP Safety4000


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Optically clear 4mil (100 micron) thickness safety film designed to upgrade the safety level of existing glass. Increases impact resistance and holds broken glass fragments together.

Manufacturer tested to BSEN12600 Class 2B2 on float glass in line with current UK health and safety legislation when installed correctly.

If you require accredited professional installation, advice, glazing surveys or more advanced specifications from leading manufacturers such as 3M Window Films and SolarGard please visit WF Glazing Protection Ltd.

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Internal application only.

Polyester film is not suitable for application to plastics or polycarbonates.

A float glass window can only be certified to have been upgraded to BSEN12600 Class 2B2 where the safety film has been installed correctly and safety marked accordingly. Safety Film is tested to BSEN12600 Class 2B2 by the manufacturer to categorise its performance level. It is not a guarantee against injury.