WFGP Medium Silver35 Reflective

//WFGP Medium Silver35 Reflective

WFGP Medium Silver35 Reflective


Total Solar Energy Rejection 65%
Glare Reduction 63%
UV Rejection 99%

Manufacturer data tested on single glazing. To download full specification data click here.

Silver35 Medium Reflective provides great heat and glare rejection at a higher light transmission to create a more comfortable environment in which to work or relax. The solar reduction can also lower air conditioning consumption to save energy and by reducing the reflection on monitor screens, TVs and Tablets eye-strain can be eased.

The reflection of Ultra Violet rays, visible light and heat reduces fading of fabrics and furnishings.

If you require accredited professional installation, advice, glazing surveys or more advanced specifications from leading manufacturers such as 3M Window Films and SolarGard please visit WF Glazing Protection Ltd.

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Internal application only.

We do not recommend the use of internally installed solar reflective film on Georgian Wired glass or double glazed units if they are Laminated glass due to the increased risk of thermal fracture. Polyester film is not suitable for application to plastics or polycarbonates either.

UV rays, visible light and heat are the main causes of fading. However, they are not the only causes. By reducing these elements fading can be greatly reduced but it is impossible to completely eliminate it.