Reducing Personal And Domestic Carbon Footprints

//Reducing Personal And Domestic Carbon Footprints

Reducing Personal And Domestic Carbon Footprints

NASA, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, and 97 percent of the world’s scientists agree that the climate changes that the world has experienced over the past few decades are mostly caused by greenhouse gas activities from human activities. In fact, they can even trace small changes from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, but these changes have really increased over the past 50 years.

The EPA says that one of the largest culprits is the production of power for houses and businesses. It seems clear that it is up to everybody to reduce personal and domestic carbon footprints, or the carbon emissions that are generated from power use. The most obvious solution is to figure out how to use energy more wisely so consumption can be reduced.

Reducing Personal Carbon Footprints At Home

In order to reduce personal and domestic carbon footprints, there are a variety of solutions. Some, like installing alternative energy, take a considerable investment. However, others, like sealing up drafts and adding attic Window Tinting Nottinghaminsulation, are actually very cheap and effective. Some people can even help reduce their home energy consumption by switching out old light bulbs with CFLs, or better yet, LEDs.

These are some different home projects that homeowners should consider when they want to invest in reduced fuel usage and a lower carbon footprint:

  • Seal up drafts around windows and doors.
  • Improve and add attic insulation.
  • Replace old windows with double-paned (double-glazed) windows.
  • Buy more efficient light bulbs when it comes time to replace the old ones.
  • Buy double-glazed windows when it is time to replace old ones.
  • If it is not practical to replace old windows, consider using some of the new energy-efficient films or drapes on old ones.

If everybody took even a few steps to reduce their energy consumption, the rate of carbon emissions would slow down a lot. In fact, the EPA says that even changing out light bulbs would save billions in fuel bills and emissions.

Switching to alternative energy is a fantastic idea, but there is no doubt that that it will be an expensive move. Of course, the reduction or even elimination of fuel bills may balance out the cost, but it will take a few years. However, there may be grant and loan programs that make it easier for ‘average’ people to consider this move.

Why Worry About Personal Carbon Footprints?

It is obvious that something needs to change or the world will be very different in a few more decades. Today, the impact of climate change is already being notice in unstable weather patterns and sea level rise. It is beyond the point where scientists are even trying to deny that this is a problem.

Besides, most things that help reduce pollution also make economical sense in a household. Yes, LED lights cost more than old-fashioned lights. But they last longer and use less power, so in the long run, they work out to be cheaper. This is just one example, and it is important to figure out which changes work for you.

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