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Welcome to WFGP Window Films, the home of high quality, self installation window tinting Milton Keynes materials.

Ideal for a Range of Situations

We are happy to supply high quality window film for a complete range of domestic and commercial situations.

Designed to offer effective relief from a variety of glass-related issues such as heat, glare, safety, security and privacy, the installation of commercial window film from WFGP Window Films can have a hugely positive effect on any commercial Window Tinting Milton Keynesenterprise.

Despite the fact that commercial and residential buildings are designed in all shapes and sizes, many share common problems when it comes to their windows, including:

  • Excess Heat: Solar heat can very quickly make the atmosphere within a building uncomfortable, unpleasant (and in the case of work places) unproductive. An application of solar control window film offers the ideal method of stopping your building or a particular room from becoming too hot.
  • Solar Glare: Do you have difficulty watching the TV when the sun is at the wrong height? Are your computer screens virtually unreadable when the sun streams through your office windows? The sun’s glare from glazing can make it very difficult to see computer screens, TVs and many other forms of equipment vital to the smooth running of a business. The installation of solar window tinting will help to significantly reduce glare whilst not affecting the amount of natural light.
  • Privacy: Are nosey neighbours a problem for you? Do you have a room with large windows which you would like to keep out of the public eye? The installation of window film will help to increase the privacy of a building.
  • Safety and Security: The fragility of glass is well documented. By adding window film to any windows, the safety and security of a building can be substantially upgraded.
  • Fading: The fading which is caused by constant exposure to the sun’s UV can be a big problem for many businesses. Stock, equipment and furniture can quickly begin to fade if not protected but the installation of the correct window film will ensure any harmful effects are significantly reduced.

Easy Installation

The installation of window film can provide an effective solution for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. By purchasing the correct window film directly from us, you will be able to keep costs down to a minimum by installing them yourself.

Choosing The Right Film

As you can see from above, we offer our customers a choice from a wide range of different window films and as such, it may not always be clear which one will be the right one for your circumstances.

We are always happy to provide advice and guidance wherever needed before you make your purchase and even offer a free sample service to allow you to try the film before you submit your full order.

Professional Installation

If you would like advice or information regarding professional window film installation, please visit the WF Glazing Protection website by clicking here.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the window tinting Milton Keynes services available from WF Glazing Protection please contact us on Tel. No. 0845 337 475, e-mail or via our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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